GasFermTEC started the seminar series “Ringmajandus ja kestlikud tehnoloogiad”

GasFermTEC started the seminar series “Ringmajandus ja kestlikud tehnoloogiad” (in English, “Circular economy and sustainable technologies”) with the first seminar “Ringmajanduse mõju ettevõtlusele ja kestlikkuse aruandlus” (in English, “Impact of circular economy on enterprises and sustainability reporting“) on the 9th of May in Tallinn in Viru Keskuse Rahva Raamat. The seminar series introduces sustainable technologies relevant for circular economies and associated socio-economic factors. The first seminar featured presentations by Aire Rihe from the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia on sustainability reporting and by Raimo Oinus from AS Graanul Invest on the future of Estonian wood industry within the circular economy. The talks were followed by a panel discussion on the impact of circular economy on enterprises with panellists including the speakers, the lead organiser of the seminar series GasFermTEC ERA Chair holder Kaspar Valgepea, and Mart Loog, professor of molecular systems biology at University of Tartu (see program below). The next seminars of the six-part seminar series will cover wood, waste, and CO2 valorisation technologies, aeroponics, and biomass processing both covering technologies that have been commercialised and that are being developed in the lab. In addition, socio-economic factors associated with circular economy are covered, from life cycle analysis of products to climate anxiety and social responsibilities of companies.

See event schedule here.