Gas fermentation facility

Our state-of-the-art gas fermentation facility enables to carry out gas fermentation experiments in strictly-controlled environmental conditions (both in bottles and in bioreactors). Our fermentation systems provide detailed characterisation of cell growth through on-line monitoring of culture conditions including off-gas analysis using an on-line mass-spectrometer. The facility also supports sampling of cultures for various downstream analyses (e.g. -omics, biomass composition, morphology etc.).

At the Institute of Bioengineering

Fermentation and cell physiology characterization facility

The institute has additional capacity for fermentation and cell physiology characterisation within the ERA Chair in Synthetic Biology. It includes both lab-scale and small-scale high-throughput bioreactor complexes supporting detailed characterization of microbial strains under well-controlled environmental conditions.

Proteomics core facility

The institute has a proteomics core facility, with a long track-record of providing services for various research labs and biotech companies both in Estonia and abroad. The mass-spectrometry equipment includes Thermo Fisher Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL and Thermo Fisher Scientific Q Exactive. Liquid chromoatrography can be performed on Agilent 1200 Series nano-LC or Dionex Ultimate3000 RSLC nano-LC. Electrophoresis setups include Agilent 3100 OFFGel and Invitrogen XCell SureLock MiniCell SDS-PAGE. Read more here.

Core facilities for cell culture and microscopy

The institute has a core facility dedicated to providing high-level technological support for cell biology research community, both in academia and industry. The equipment involves confocal microscope Zeiss LSM710, supplemented with incubator and CO2 chamber for live cell analysis. The facility offers a wide range equipment for experimental cell biology including flow cytometer BD LSRII, cell sorter BD FACSAria, real-time PCR Applied Biosystems 7900 HT etc. In addition, the facility provides miscellaneous services like preparation of culture media and generation of cell lines.

Other facilities at the University of Tartu

The University of Tartu has an excellent DNA sequencing facility which offers a wide-range of sequencing services using HiSeq2500 (Illumina) with two flow cell modes and Illumina benchtop sequencer MiSeq. In addition, the Maarjamõisa campus is the most modern centre for translational medicine in the Nordic and Eastern-European countries, which takes health research and medicine to the next level with its research activity and millions of Euros worth of scientific equipment.