Fifth seminar of the GasFermTEC and EAS seminar series “Ringmajandus ja kestlikud tehnoloogiad”

GasFermTEC and Enterprise Estonia (EAS) organised the fifth seminar titled “Jäätmete väärindamise tulevik” (in English, “Future of waste valorisation”) of the seminar series “Ringmajandus ja kestlikud tehnoloogiad” (in English, “Circular economy and sustainable technologies”) on the 16th of November in Tallinn within the Science Day of the international greentech and sustainability event NEXPO Tallinn. The seminar series introduces sustainable technologies relevant for circular economies and associated socio-economic factors.

The fifth seminar featured presentations by Sandra Kaabel from Aalto University on recycling of waste plastics using biohydrolysis, Priit Jõers from the start-up BiotaTec on biomining of rare earth elements and minerals from waste, and Alar Saluste from Ragn-Sells on their waste valorisation projects, including the process for industrial-scale valorisation of oil shale ash. In addition, Marika Lillemets from the Ministry of Climate introduced the proposal for Estonia’s waste management strategy.

The talks were followed by a panel discussion on the future of waste valorisation in Estonia. The panellists included the speakers and the lead organiser of the seminar series GasFermTEC ERA Chair holder Kaspar Valgepea. More info about the seminar here.

Event’s schedule (pdf)