Third seminar of the GasFermTEC and EAS seminar series “Ringmajandus ja kestlikud tehnoloogiad”

GasFermTEC and Enterprise Estonia (EAS) organised the third seminar titled “Kliimaärevus ja kestliku arengu keerukus” (in English, “Climate anxiety and complexity with sustainable progress”) of the seminar series “Ringmajandus ja kestlikud tehnoloogiad” (in English, “Circular economy and sustainable technologies”) on the 15th of September in Tartu at Ülikooli kohvik. The seminar series introduces sustainable technologies relevant for circular economies and associated socio-economic factors.

The third seminar featured presentations by Kairi Kreegipuu from the University of Tartu on climate anxiety and whether its just another form of anxiety and Margit Keller from the University of Tartu on how to understand and deal with the complexity associated with sustainable progress. The talks were followed by a panel discussion on how to support changes towards sustainability in societies and to move from individuals saving the planet to large shifts in policies and action. The panellists included the speakers and the lead organiser of the seminar series GasFermTEC ERA Chair holder Kaspar Valgepea. More info about the seminar here.

The next two seminars of the series will cover plant biotechnology and sustainable agriculture and waste valorisation technologies, both covering technologies that have been commercialised and that are being developed in the lab.

Event’s schedule (pdf)