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The ERA Chair in Gas Fermentation Technologies (GasFermTEC) was established at the University of Tartu in 2018 with the prestigious European Research Area (ERA) ERA Chair grant awarded to Mart Loog, Professor of Molecular Systems Biology. The ERA Chair grant, which originates from the EU’s research and innovation funding program Horizon 2020, was awarded to Prof. Mart Loog to establish a centre for gas fermentation technologies at the University of Tartu.



Address global challenges of biosustainability by developing bioprocesses that would realise sustainable production of fuels and chemicals from waste feedstocks using gas fermentation


Gas fermentation has become an attractive bioprocess for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals from inexpensive and abundant waste feedstocks (e.g. industrial waste gases, municipal solid waste, biomass) using acetogen bacteria (i.e. acetogens).


Advance gas fermentation technologies through its integration with systems and synthetic biology that will facilitate rationale metabolic engineering of super cell factories.



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