Dr. Kaspar Valgepea was appointed to the ERA Chair position on Gas Fermentation Technologies, at the Estonian Centre for Synthetic Biology, Institute of Technology, University of Tartu, Estonia

Dr. Valgepea has strong previous track record in gas fermentation and systems biology highlighted by publications in several top journals of the field (Cell Systems, Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology for Biofuels). He has actively started to develop the research team and building the gas fermentation research platform. Special focus of the platform is to advance gas fermentation technologies through its integration with systems and synthetic biology in collaboration with the world leader in gas fermentation technologies, Lanzatech. Activities will also aim at establishing gas fermentation based chemical industry and circular economy in Estonia by using current waste streams (municipal solid waste, waste biomass etc.) as resources of the future. He is actively taking part in further development of the Estonian Centre of Synthetic Biology and is taking an initiative to apply for more funds for the centre.